Aim of the Project

The main aim of the present project is to set the scientific basis, objective criteria and optimized technological parameters for the development of an innovative food production strategy and technology in order to assure the production of foods from regional sources with higher added value for sellers and, last but not least, with modified – improved functional properties with positive influence on human wellbeing. To meet these targets, the exact monitoring, study, analysis and modification of both, growing conditions of selected plants/crops and their subsequent technological processing into semi-finished products utilized in food industry or final food products will be performed.



Internal meeting of the Slovak members of the research team

01/02/2012 14:02
Internal meeting of the Slovak members of the research team will be held in Biocentrum Modra, February 13, 2012 from 13:00, to  evaluate the project progress, indicators fulfilment and to schedule further project activities for the next...

Presentation of the project at Danubius Gastro Exhibition

19/01/2012 08:00
The Danubius Gastra Exhibition, which will traditionally take place in Incheba Expo Arena, Bratislava in  January 20-23,2012, gives good opportunity for the project presentation. You are welcomed to visit the stand of Výskumný ústav...

Propagation of the project in Farmárska revue - Slovak Television

10/12/2011 10:00
The project successfully continues in implementation of its activities, crucial part of which is also the construction of model test production line, preparation of functional components and isolates... The TV spot presenting the current...

Presentations & photos from "Current issues..."

30/11/2011 10:42
Conference "Current issues in organic farming" which was organized under the auspices of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of West Hungary, Mosonmagyarovár, within the frame work of the project HUSK 0901/1.2.1/0010...

TV spot from the conference "Current issues of organic farming"

29/11/2011 07:51
Mosonmagyarovár local television prepared the TV spot from the conference Current issues in organic farming, held in Mosonmagyarovár, November 25, is to be found at

Current issues in organic farming

07/11/2011 17:53
The University of West Hungary, Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Mosonmagyaróvár and VUP Food Research Institute in Bratislava cordially invites you and your colleagues to participate on conference   Current issues in...

Field experiments on the spot check in Lehnice

28/09/2011 10:00
On the spot check of the progress of the field experiments performed in Slovakia will be held in Lehnice, Slovak Republic, September 28,2011 from 10:00. At this occasion, the progress of model test production unit completition will be checked, as...

Website launched

27/09/2011 20:02
Our new website has been launched today.
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