Construction of the model test production line 2011-2012-part 1  Day of the field, Mosonmagyarovár, June 16, 2011 

Agrokomplex 2011

Nitra, August 20-22, 2011




3rd Project status evaluation day, Bratislava, September 21,2011 On-the spot check of the performed field experiments in Lehnice, Slovakia,  2011-09-28 Some flout samples, extracts and some equipment of VUP used for project implementation




 Danubius Gastra,

Bratislava, January 20-23,2012 

4th Project status evaluation day, Mosonmagyarovár, January 31,2012




 On the spot check of the Slovak field experiments - Lehnice/Sládkovičovo,  April 20, 2012                  5th Project status evaluation day, Bratislava, May, 24 ,2012           




Additional photos of model test production unit                         
Photos from "Day of the field 2012", Mosonmagyaróvár June 14, 2012                Project conference and presentation during Agrokomplex 2012 exhibition




 6th Project status evaluation day, Lehnice September 26,2012              Presentation of model test production unit for the project participants, September 26, 2012