Bellow you can find some publicity outputs of the Project:

  1. Information bilboard

  2. Information brochure I.

  3.  Press news in Rolnicke noviny

  4. Press information - announcement - of the "Day of the Field" event 

  5. Leaflet - Agrokomplex 2011 exhibition

  6.   Inform ation on webpages -screenshots 

  7. Abstracts of contributions on Chemistry & Life  

  8. Handout of poster_presenting preliminary project results (1)

  9. Handout of poster_presenting preliminary project results (2)

  10. TV spot from the Current issues in Organic Farming conference (Mosonmagyarovári városi TV, Híradó, 29.11.2011)

  11.  TV spot in Farmárska revue  (Public videoarchive of the Slovak television, Farmárska revue, December 10,2011)

  12. Pál Szákal - Radio spot broadcast November 25, 2011 - Kossuth Rádió

  13. Publication "S. Šilhár, F. Kajdi, A. Světlíková, M. Polovka, R. Schmidt, P. Szákal: Utilization of regional sources for functional foods production. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 03-18 (2011) " More ...>>>

  14. Publication "F. Kajdi, T. Győri, O. Schiller, R. Schmidt, P. Szákal, D. Beke, Zs. Teschner-Kovács, M. Barkóczi: Production indices of raw material in Hungary and in Győr-Moson-Sopron county. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 51-86 (2011)" More ...>>>

  15. Publication Publication "M. Polovka, F.Kajdi, B. Tobolková, M. Suhaj: Characterization and diferentiation of Hungarian and Slovak organic and conventional flours. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 87-104 (2011)". More ...>>>

  16. Publication "F. Kajdi, M. Polovka, T. Győri, R. Schmidt, P. Szákal, Z. Teschner-Kovács, O. Schiller, D. Beke: Variety experiment on common winter wheat (Triticum aestivum, L.) research results in the years 2010-2011.  Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 105-123 (2011)" More ...>>>

  17. Publication "E. Rózsa, Z. Pecze, L. Nagy, P. Szákal: The importance of essential trace elements. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 125-128 (2011)" More ...>>>

  18. Publication "F. Kajdi, P. Szákal, T. Györi, R. Schmidt, D. Beke, Z. Teschner-Kovács, O. Schiller:Quantitative and qualitative parameters of registered and candidate winter and spring barley varieties analysed in Mosonmagyaróvár in the years 2010 and 2011. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 131-144 (2011)" More ...>>>

  19. Publication "M. BarkócziI, R. Csatai, P. Szákal, R. Schmidt, F. Kajdi: Effect of copper-ion-exchanged zeolit on the grain yield and raw protein content of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare, L.) applied as foliar fertilizer Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 145-152 (2011)" More ...>>>

  20. Publication "F. Kajdi,  O. Schiller, T. Györi, P. Szákal, R. Schmidt, D. Beke, M. Barkóczi, Z. Techner-Kovács: Results of analyses soya variety experiments in Mosonmagyaróvár in 2011. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 153-164 (2011)" More ...>>>

  21. ,Publication „J. Ángyán: Organic farming in the rural strategy. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 19-24 (2011)“ More...>>>

  22. Publication „J. Schlosserová: Development of organic farming in Slovakia. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 25-36 (2011).“ More...>>>

  23. Publication „Z. Gyori: The role of the Central Food Research Institute in Food Safety in Hungarian Food Chain. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 37-44 (2011)". More...>>>

  24. Publication „Bardócz Zs., Fejes V.:Nutritional specialities of bio-food stuffs. Acta Agronomica Óvariensis 53 (S1) 45-50 (2011).“ More...>>>

  25. Publication  "M. Polovka, F. Kajdi, B. Tobolková, M. Suhaj, A. Bednáriková: Influence of growing conditions and technological processing on properties of flours assessed by spectroscopic methods. Chemické listy  106(S), ISSN 1803-2389  (CD version). (2012).

  26. Absract and poster presented at on-line Conference of Young Scientists "Preveda 2012"

  27. Information brochure II - Functional foods in the kitchen

  28. Poster presented at Agrokomplex 2012 exhibition, August 24, 2012

  29. Abstract "B. Tobolková, A. Bednáriková, M. Polovka, M.Suhaj: Comparison of amino acid profiles and spectroscopic characteristics of some spelt flours"prepared for Chemical reactions in Foods Conference, to be held in Prague, November,2012

  30. TV spot in Farmárska revue  (Public videoarchive of the Slovak television, Farmárska revue, June 30, 2012)  from time 04:33

  31. TV spot from the Day of the Field 2012 event  broadcast in Mosonmagyaróvár Városi TV  June 22, 2012 (public videoarchive)

  32.  Set of 4 DVDs from video material prepared by STV

  33. Information brochure III - Benefits of the project