Aim of the Project

The main aim of the present project is to set the scientific basis, objective criteria and optimized technological parameters for the development of an innovative food production strategy and technology in order to assure the production of foods from regional sources with higher added value for sellers and, last but not least, with modified – improved functional properties with positive influence on human wellbeing. To meet these targets, the exact monitoring, study, analysis and modification of both, growing conditions of selected plants/crops and their subsequent technological processing into semi-finished products utilized in food industry or final food products will be performed.



3rd Project brochure - Benefits of the Project ... already issued!

22/01/2013 20:18
Let us to introduce the 3rd, and officially the last project brochure - Benefits of the Project "Utilization of regional sources for functional foods production", issued in close coperation of both project partners. The brochure introduces the...

Photo sequence from the project closing events

20/12/2012 12:09
Its time to start and time to finish....although only formally....For reminiscence, but also as an impulse for a continuous cooperation, we offer few photos from the Project closing conference, held in Veľký Meder, Slovakia, December 18,...

Last part of the model test production line is already installed - the unit is completed

15/12/2012 10:30
By delivery, tests and installation of fluid drying killn and respective sensors and connectors, the installation of the model test production unit considered as one the most important project outputs in Lehnice is finished and can fully served for...

Closing conference of the project

09/12/2012 07:06
At the occassion of finalization of the project activities, the Closing conference of the meeting will be held on December 18, 2012, from 9:00, at Veľký Meder, Slovakia, Betty pension. The conference will be held under the auspices of Prof. Dr....

Project conference in Mosonmagyaróvár, December 6, 2012

01/12/2012 09:44
One of the closing events of the Project HUSK-0901-1.2.1-0010 will be held in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary, on December 6,2012, from 10:00 in the building of the University at Lucsony út., 2. You are cordially invited!! Please find enclosed the...

Set of 4 DVDs about the project

16/10/2012 10:20
Bellow you can find links to set of 4 DVDs prepared from video material collected for the TV spots broadcast in December, 2011 and June, 2012 on Slovak radio and television - Channel 2 - Farmárska revue. Links to the TV spots are also  to be...

Video spot from the presentation of model test production unit - Lehnice, September 26,2012

30/09/2012 10:13
An amatur videospot from the presentation of model test production unit (in Slovak language with simultaneous Hungarian language translation) performed within the 6th Project status evaluation day in Lehnice, September 26,2012 can be downloaded...

Model test production unit is practically completed !

26/09/2012 16:45
Model test production unit, an unique combination of totally 13 experimental devices, sensors and their accessories, which is being considered as one of the most important outputs of the cross-border cooperation project, is practically completed...

6th Project status evaluation day - Lehnice

21/09/2012 06:42
6th Project status evaluation day of the project partners is being organised on September 26,2012 at the occassion of the end of 6th project period (01/06/2012-30/09/2012) in the premises of KKV Union in Lehnice (Veľký Lég 77) with the beginning...

Project conference during Agrokomplex 2012 exhibition, August 24, 2012

18/08/2012 08:30
Výskumný ústav potravinársky, Bratislava a Nyugat –Magyarországi Egyetem, Mezőgazdaság- és Élelmiszertudományi Kar, Mosonmagyaróvár ako partneri projektu HUSK 0901/1.2.1/0010  v rámci programu cezhraničnej spolupráce Maďarská republika –...
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